Facebook Buys Instagram, Bing Delirious with Joy

Today the interwebs are abuzz with the news that Facebook is buying Instagram for $1 billion in pre-IPO shares.

Bing must be delirious with joy. They have an exclusive relationship with Facebook to include data in Bing search results. Hello personalized search data boost!

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Two photo sharing giants coming together, this is huge. Obviously FB is more than photos, but easy photo sharing has been important to their success. Now adding the size of the Instagram network and the appeal of their filters (which I still don’t get, personally) to the massive FB social overlord is just huge.

I’d love to know how many non-FB Instagram users Facebook is acquiring. I’ve got to think there’s a lot of overlap, but out will be interesting to learn more.

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Managing SEO and Social Media Together

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How etailers manage their social media marketing channel has a growing impact on organic search results. Google and Bing have both incorporated social data into their algorithms to signal content freshness and quality. While the datasets each engine has access to differ, the fact remains that search marketing and social media cannot be managed in silos.

According to the presentation given by Andrea Fishman, vice president of global strategy at BGT Partners — a marketing and design firm — at Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2011, “57% of digital marketing impact is derived from SEO.” But search engine optimization also has a symbiotic relationship with social media, press relations, paid search, offline advertising, and other marketing channels.

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