Halloween Searchers Focus on Sugar, Snacks & Booze

Google has been busy churning out the holiday-themed info-reports on 2011 search trends. Christmas trends came out a couple of days ago, and now it’s Halloween’s turn. According to Google’s October 2011 data from Google Insights for Search, Halloween revelers are ready to party with a focus on sugar, snacks and booze. Some quick highlights include:

  • A year over year comparison of Halloween-related search phrases. I love seeing those numbers climb as more and more people turn to search for information each year.


  • 20 million of those searches in 2011 were food related

  • Some were incredibly specific, like these sudden favorites


  • Other popular food searches were more retro favorites than Halloween specialties


  • And what Halloween party would be complete without the themed beverages.

I was surprised to see “punch” in there as the second most searched-for drink keyword variant, so I headed to the Google Keyword Tool to see what other holidays were punch-worthy. It turns out that Halloween is the most popular punch-related holiday search phrase, with Christmas and holiday tied for second. More searchers are looking for punch recipe content than specific holiday themed punches it seems.

See the full report at Think with Google: (PDF)

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