Web Design

Web design is different at Identity Developments. Your website should be about more than just looking good. Your site should be more than just a placeholder made up of a bunch of sliced up images dropped into an HTML table. Your website should be an active participant in your business and deliver results.

SEO Focused Web Design

While Identity Developments offers separate SEO services, SEO plays a role in all web design projects. Design without SEO is like launching a business without doing any research or marketing. There’s more to web design than just good looks. Even more important is that your website can be found in the search engines for important searches. After all, what’s the value of a great looking website if it never gets seen?

Incorporating SEO into your web design project means that you are getting a website that has been built from the ground up with marketing in mind. You see, SEO is really just a form of marketing, in fact, it is a subset of what is called Search Marketing or Search Engine Marketing. But don’t assume that most sites are developed with this in mind, quite the opposite.

User Centered Design

On the other end of the spectrum from search engines are the actual users. This is a critical element that is often ignored. Too often, web design decisions are made based on the preferences of the designer, the website owner, too much emphasis on search engines or simply because someone liked the way something looked.

From look to layout and the content within, Identity Developments will help you keep your visitors in mind. If your visitors can’t find their way around your site, can’t find what they are looking for or can’t even use your website, you lose, not them… they can always find someone else to help them.

Specialized In Small Business

As a small business, your website can be a powerful marketing tool, leveling the playing field against bigger competitors. It’s not about spending the least amount of money, it’s about getting the most value out of what you do spend. Identity Developments brings a marketing and sales focus to web design. That’s why “design” is actually way down on the list. Identifying your needs, challenges and goals is far more important. The approach may be different, but what’s your first priority… looks or results?

Website planning is critically important, but unfortunately, many web designers just run off making pretty pictures with little to no actual planning. So even if you don’t work with Identity Developments for your site, you can make sure you have a strong plan for your website no matter who you work with.

Small businesses rarely have dedicated, in-house staff to handle their marketing needs, let alone their website. Identity Developments works with you to not only deliver on your project, but to serve as a source of information. Helping to educate you on the pros and cons of different approaches and how things work is a core value. You should never feel that you are at the mercy of your design firm.

Identity Developments delivers custom website solutions because your business is too important to be represented by a lookalike, cookie cutter website template. Your web presence is your identity. Websites developed by Identity Developments are created differently than most websites, and this is a huge benefit to you. Here are some of the elements that are frequently incorporated:

  • XHTML web standards
  • CSS for separation of content and layout
  • print CSS version for printer friendly pages
  • scalable text for greater accessibility for all users
  • table-less layout design for proper web standards
  • greater overall accessibility for search engines and users with disabilities
  • cross browser and platform development to ensure consistent rendering in all browsers
  • require less storage space and bandwidth
  • easier to maintain and upgrade over time
  • consistency of look and feel throughout the entire site

Affordable Design

At Identity Developments, your web design project is about more than just design. Your website becomes an extension of your business and brand identity. Because of this, your project incorporates a holistic marketing and sales foundation to meet your greater business goals and deliver exceptional value.

All projects are custom and costs are determined as a project based on your needs and budget. You know going in what your project will cost and need not worry about escalating costs during the project. Typical design projects start at $5,000 and range upwards depending on needs and project scope.

So whether you are looking for your first website or a redesign of your existing website, contact us today for professional SEO focused web design services.