SEO Focused Web Design Company

Identity Developments is a full service web presence company located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, specializing in the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, delivering custom, holistic web presence solutions.

Identity Developments brings a different perspective to your web presence needs, offering SEO focused web design, search engine optimization & marketing, domain name registration, & merchant accounts.

Start Living Up To Your Identity

You’re website is an extension of your business identity. Is it playing an active role? Is it pulling its own weight, or is it just something you “have” because it seemed like the thing to do? Reality is, whether you have a website or not isn’t really that important. That doesn’t mean you don’t need one… you do.

But that isn’t what’s important. What your website does, that’s important. You’re looking for your website to bring in new business, to connect with potential customers, to educate potential clients, to sell your products and services, to provide current customers with additional information and service, and you want to represent, portray, and uphold your image and reputation to the standards you’ve set. But just having a website is no guarantee that any of this will happen… most websites don’t.

Maybe you aren’t getting as many visitors to your website as you would like. Maybe your site doesn’t show up in the search engines where you would like… or at all. Identity Developments is about your whole web presence and making that work the most for your business as an active participant because you are looking for results.

Identity Developments doesn’t view a website as some “thing” that you go out and get. Your website is not only a part of your business, it’s a part of who you are. It’s not just image… it’s substance. Your site interacts with your customers and clients on your behalf. It markets and promotes your solutions… or it doesn’t, the choice is yours.

Identity Developments is more than just a web design company. Identity Developments is a SEO focused web presence company. It’s not about delivering a website… it’s about delivering a marketing and sales solution. Identity Developments isn’t about offering cheap services… it’s about offering excellent value and the service you expect and deserve. It’s about taking care of your needs and trust. You aren’t just entrusting your web presence to us, you are entrusting your business, your brand and your image to us.

It’s not about websites… it’s about your identity.